Gas Station Websites
Why do gas station's need website's? Because their hilarliously awful!*

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Oww. I don't know where to start. Just try to read it.

If you need a jerk, call the Turk.

FOR SALE NOW WC's(Bill Butt's) Mini convertible(It's Official!SOLD& on it's way to ToTo land,yep:KansasKeep an eye out for it on the Great Plains!

I have got to meet Bill Butt.

Toys from Argentina made with wire

Who wouldn't want to see that?

Okay, it's not exactly a gas station website, but it was close enough and funny enough to include.


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*I never thought I had to do this, but I guess I gave some of my readers too much credit. The four (yes, there are four, not one or two like most of the grammar "experts" point out) errors in the tagline are indeed intentional. It's called irony. Thank you. (For those of you that got it, congratulations.)