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Friday, July 22, 2005
Seaside Stop N Go

We couldn't figure out how to create our own graphics, so instead we took pictures of the signs outside our gas station and cropped them. We bet 14% of our visitors don't even notice!

Keli's Hawaiian Bento!

I buy all my Hawaiian Japanese single-portion takeout meals from gas stations.

Seaside Stop N Go is home of Kelis Teriyaki Sauce.

What are the odds that the same gas station would sell Keli's Bento, and Kelis Teriyaki Sauce? I mean, they are both similar products created by companies with very similar names, but they are clearly two different companies because one has an apostrophe, and one doesn't. The odds have to be a bajillion to one.

We offer gas, groceries, Shell gas, fresh deli sandwiches
good hot snacks and Java Coffee!

Since they say the hot snacks are good, that tells me the other items for sale are bad. But nothing beats a nice hot Twinkie.

Come dine in our gas station on plastic furniture. Vomit.

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