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Saturday, December 03, 2005
Online information on MOT testing

I have no idea what this site is for, but they have a car wash and some of it has something to do with cars. I think. I guess it really isn't that important to put the name of your establishment anywhere on your site.

My favorite part was the lovely navigation on the left. Mouse over the options and they slide open. Click them and it sounds like you did something wrong.

The site complains about gas stations, or the cost of gas, or something.

Some thoughts from a long suffering petrol station operator (who has now given up the fight, and opened a hand car wash centre on what was a petrol forecourt)

He goes on and on, but to be honest, I didn't read it. Too many words. For example:

One thing is for sure - everything that is given away as a discount and incentive will one day be clawed back, with interest!


So, he switched over to a car wash.

A swarm of experts will descend on your vehicle and give it the personal and gentle treatment that is only available with hand and eye coordination and a human touch.

How many years of training are needed to qualify as an expert in car washing?

Completely unrelated to car washing and MOT testing, we have flying!

Learning to fly isn't cheap - anything you have read or have been told saying that it is just not true.

I can't tell if they are missing another "is" or a grasp of grammar.

Pilots Manual Computer (known as a WhizzWheel)

I have one of those. It's gross.

Hey, here's a fake picture that has a plane in it. That's as related as everything else on this site.

As you would expect, this site also has a page explaining MP3s. Of course.

Like any good website, it has a guestbook.

Excellent Site, Excellently Written, Will Show This To The Next Moaning Customer, Thanks

I guess there was another page I couldn't find related to prostitution. Bummer.

Make sure you fill out their questionnaire. Suggested comments include "What are you talking about?", "Dude, pick a topic", and "Please post more fake pictures of airplanes getting hand-washed with petrol by experts listening to MP3s."


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