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Why do gas station's need website's? Because their hilarliously awful!*

Monday, January 10, 2005
The Shell Gang

If you always thought working at a Shell sounded like a blast, you were right! Luisa has photographically documented how much fun it really is to work at a Shell station in Canada.

Update: Athena has moved on to bigger and better things! She's no longer a Shell Girl ;)

Translation: Athena realized she was way too hot to be working at a gas station. She's now living with a dude with his own Camaro.

Luisa and Steve. Ambulance, Fire or Police: Which would you like us to call for you? Don't mess with us!

Apparently there are emergencies at this gas station all the time. Although the threat at the end seems to imply that the emergencies are caused by the staff. Either way, I will be giving this particular gas station a wide berth for safety's sake.

Steve is always sleepy... It's been a Long Never Winter Night once again!

I hate those Long Never Winter Nights.

FRED, a.k.a. Petunia

If I were a girl named Fred, I'm not sure I would want Petunia to be my nickname.

TRAINEE 2 (KYLE) Update: FIRED! Didn't last 2 months! He Just didn't give a sh!t about anything...

Kyle has been accused of not caring about his job at a gas station on someone's website about the people that work at the gas station. I hope Kyle will be able to pick up the pieces and move on with his life. At least he can take comfort in his gigantic ring.


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