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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
Truck Inn

This place has everything: Gas (and Fuel), Restaurant (featuring All You Can Eat Tacos on Tuesday nights for only $3.55 and Not Very French Toast), Deli, Motel, Convenience Store, Casino, Laundry, Showers, Crafter's Market and Leroy's Sports Book.

The Truck Inn is heartily endorsed by the cast of Hee Haw.

Showers Voted "Best in the West"

I demand a recount.

Leroy's Race and Sports Book

I wouldn't trust my money to a man who won't stand, or even turn around, for his picture in front of his sports book located in a gas station/casino.

Paul Tolbert was the last Employee of the Month. No one has won since then because Paul won't give the balloons back.

Utensils are optional at the Truck Inn!

"This is the second most romantic gas station you've ever taken me to, Herb."



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