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Thursday, February 17, 2005
Loren's Auto Repair

When they say "Meet Our Staff of Professionals," they mean meet. This is the most thorough "Meet the Staff" page I've ever seen.

Like for Loren himself:

Loren is the founder of Loren’s Auto Repair Inc. He grew up on a farm in Willow Creek, MT where he learned to make and repair anything on the farm. After high school he attended one year of college in Agriculture Mechanics then trained as a jet engine mechanic in the Air Force. Later he spent a year studying at Montana Auto College in Great Falls, MT. Most of his experience has been in GM dealerships until he started his own shop in 1985. Loren has 30 years experience and is ASE Master and L1 advanced performance certified. He is also a member of iATN (International Automotive Technicians’ Network), an internet technicians forum. He is married to Denise his business partner and they have 2 grown children. Loren enjoys boating, exploring, bicycling and motorcycle riding. Loren is very involved with many Christian men’s ministries including Bible Study Fellowship and Prison Impact Ministries. Loren and Denise are also members of the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce.

I wonder what kind of impact Loren has in the prison. I also wish I knew what he did on March 19th, 1975.

After working as a motorcycle policeman for the Los Angeles Police Department for 27½ years...

Had to throw that half in there, didn't you?

He has been married to his wife Yvonne for 20 Years and has 4 boys, Justin the oldest is married to his wife Laura who gave birth to their first child Everett Michael in September 2003. Marc is now a proud grandparent. Brandon is the next oldest son and is going to attend the Art institute of Portland in July 2004. Marc, Yvonne and their two younger sons, Nathan and Damon like to go camping and fishing. Marc & Yvonne have horses and like to trail ride.

Marc, Yvonne and Justin don't speak to Brandon anymore since he's going to "art" school. Damon still talks to him since he's too young to know better. The less said about Nathan, the better.

This year he is excited about enjoying Tech inspecting for the Legends series at the local race track, a first time opportunity.


Mckeag grew up in the Flathead Valley. No kids yet but a Boxer puppy named Gauge.

It figures a guy named Mckeag would spell it "Gauge."

Aaron married his wife, Angie in December of 2001. They have two children together, Mathew age 10 and Johnny age 9.

Either Aaron built a time machine, or he had himself some premaritals with Angie.

Pita passed away on June 3, 2002.

This page is so complete, they have a picture and bio for a dead dog.

Baxter is our "greeter in training". He has a lot of potential and he enjoys saying hi to everyone. With Pita's guidance this past year he will now take over for her.

And the dead dog's replacement. Creepy.

When your car is in need of repair, don't despair, take it to Loren's Auto Repair located in Ashley Square

Dude, you are a poet, and you don't even know it.


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