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Why do gas station's need website's? Because their hilarliously awful!*

Friday, February 04, 2005
Our first response

It took 31 postings, but we finally heard from our first gas station website webmaster.

The webmaster from Shady Cove 76 Taco Bell Express dropped in with a comment and a couple of shouts referencing California and tacos.

They also took down the Shady Cove 76 website in response, and made this lovely graphic.

I'm truly flattered. I hope I can score some free tacos the next time I visit Shady Cove.


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*I never thought I had to do this, but I guess I gave some of my readers too much credit. The four (yes, there are four, not one or two like most of the grammar "experts" point out) errors in the tagline are indeed intentional. It's called irony. Thank you. (For those of you that got it, congratulations.)