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Thursday, January 27, 2005
Quick Hits

Some sites just don't have enough material for a full post, but still deserve to be honored as Gas Station Websites. We put a bunch of them together and call it Quick Hits.

Garden Grove Shell

Follow the links on the left... Please follow more of the links on the left...

There are no links on the left! Stop telling me to use them!

Good lord, I sure hope there is a lock on the room to the Shower Room. I for one would not want to walk in to do some laundry and find someone sitting in the back there.

Dan Usner Shell Auto Care

Some lady keeps talking to me. Someone shut her up.

Please update your FAQ/About Us description.

Don't tell me what to do.

South Park Tire & Auto Center

Psst. You might want to work this in somehow.

Instead, we have to look at this.

C&C Shell

This was the best picture we could find of our establishment.

Please visit these sites soon...


Bayleaf Tire & Auto Service

Holy crap, that lady is back again.

Mobil Jabiru

"Aboriginal Enterprise at Work"

We will break our own arms to provide you world class service at aboriginal prices!

Amoco BP Auto Service Center

"Don't worry Barry, the list will line up when it's rendered in Netscape 2.0."

This makes me dizzy in a good way.


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