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Why do gas station's need website's? Because their hilarliously awful!*

Thursday, January 20, 2005
Shell on the Antoine Level

Does a gas station made out of LEGO deserve its own website? Why not.

Our mechanics are clean-cut, intelligent, friendly, and you can a great discussion on historical events within America and the world with them while they fix your car, truck, Bubba-truck, mini-van, Rolls Royce, Hum-Vee, or any other vehicle that exists.

It's near Downtown Tower.

This is by far the most intricate website I've ever seen for a LEGO city. I'm thankful it included a Shell station, otherwise I never would have found it.

I could devote two weeks to this site and not even scratch the surface. I invite you browse around and link to your favorite parts in the comments.



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*I never thought I had to do this, but I guess I gave some of my readers too much credit. The four (yes, there are four, not one or two like most of the grammar "experts" point out) errors in the tagline are indeed intentional. It's called irony. Thank you. (For those of you that got it, congratulations.)