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Friday, January 14, 2005
Joe's Towing and Recovery

"The TOWfessionals" For all your towing needs.

That is one delicious pun.

I couldn't possibly write anything to make this picture funnier.

We can tow Anything

Make sure you scroll down to see the Car Fishing section:
Seriously, we were called out by Adams County Sheriff Dept. to pull a vehicle out of a pond, Actually, there were 3 vehicles in this pond. It seems that this is a favorite dumping spot for stolen vehicles. They just left the other 2 vehicles in the pond because they belonged to the guy that owned the property the pond is on.

So someone stole two of the guy's cars, and dumped them in his own pond? Something sounds FISHY! Get it?! FISHY?! POND?! TOWFESSIONALS!

View our Guestbook where our customers complain about us!

In the "Archives" guestbook, you can see gems like this:

i am here and i love this site pls keep off.

But the single best feature about this site is the link to their very own online store!

Now YOU can look like one of the "CREW" at Joe's Towing & Recovery in Denver, Colorado!

I plan on purchasing the Dog T-Shirt.


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