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Thursday, January 13, 2005
Burke's Denrock Mobil

Burke better be getting some dough from Budweiser for that commercial. Excellent sound quality, by the way.

You might want to crop that Mobil image too. Just a suggestion.

Only one NASCAR PIC from 2003? Burke, I am disappointed in you.

Burke's Mobil is a family run business for over 25 years.


At Burke's Mobil we know your car is an expensive investment. That deserves our quality care.

It looks like two sentences, but it's not two sentences.

In memory of #3 Dale Earnhart.


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*I never thought I had to do this, but I guess I gave some of my readers too much credit. The four (yes, there are four, not one or two like most of the grammar "experts" point out) errors in the tagline are indeed intentional. It's called irony. Thank you. (For those of you that got it, congratulations.)