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Monday, January 17, 2005
Syarikat Anda Service Station

Bad gas station websites are not a purely American phenonemon. Witness the Syarikat Anda Service Station site from Malaysia.

So Drive In.......And Drive Out......Smiling

Be careful not to look at the animated car image too long. It could cause a seizure.

I adore the hand-drawn map. I just can't figure out how he hand-drew the animated angel looking through the telescope.

I'm sorry, our staff is all on leave. So we rounded up a few ragtags off the street, dressed them up (after giving them a shower) and took a picture. Thanks guys. We like our staff to be in tiptop condition in order to be able to serve you better so every morning each of them performs the recommended physical exercises.

I don't know what the woman on the right is doing, but I don't think that exercise is recommended.

Your car's OK! but are You?

I think the real question is, are you okay? I mean, your name is Ah Kok.

Be sure to attend Kok's Kar Klinic the next time you're in Malaysia.

Read about Miss Fifi's Favourite Five. You figure it out.


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