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Saturday, January 15, 2005
Quick Hits

Quick Hits is a new feature on Gas Station Websites that comments on sites that don't quite warrant their own posting, but are still pretty hilarlious.

Moses' Walnut 76
Submitted by Derek Woo.

That flashing Free Gas link sure looks tempting, but then you get to the fine print. It's only free if you pay for something else. I'd expect more honesty from a man named Moses.

You can contact Moses, Larry and Duff. I guess they fired Curly.

These coupons sure are pretty. It's good to know this one is good for "most cars."

Thanks for the submission, Derek!

A & T Tire & Auto Care Center

"Complete auto repair service"

Everything is complete except for the links. Those words in the frame on the left that look like links? They aren't links.

Crestwood Chevron

A Consumer Guide Gasoline Octane for Cars!

As opposed to...?

Honorable mention for the page transition.

Royson's Blythewood Automotive

Not very funny at first glance, but it does include this picture and this link:

Click here to hear Bobby explain what service with integrity means.. WMA 06:17

Yes. This is a six minute interview with the owner of the establishment. Why anyone would be interested in hearing about the owner's grandma is beyond me. Highlights include the interviewer's cell phone ringing at 2:38 and someone coming in asking for the keys to the Cavalier at 4:47 (by the way, it's 117). It's too bad there isn't a way to edit audio files. Someone should invent that.


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