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Sunday, January 16, 2005
Allenwood Exxon

I tried. I really did. But I just can't figure out this site. The title of the posting above links to the History page with some lovely midi.

Clicking the "Home" button at the top brings up this page, because it's always good to have your main web page coerce your visitors to upgrade their browsers without any indication of what your site is for.

Of course, the "Click here to enter my site" link is broken.

Okay, now that we have that settled, on to the site.

Click on the map to browse

Clicking on the "map" (which just contains an error message), brings up yet another error message:
Unrecognized format. Unable to locate settings family

I hope someone finds the poor Settings family soon. Susie Settings is afraid of the dark.

I think we also found the source of all the midi that appears on gas station websites from around the world. Thank you, WavQueen.

There's also a Fun Kids' Stuff page. I give up trying to understand this site. This page has more midi, a lot of flashing graphics and a homemade Nickelodeon logo.

Before you return to my cover sheet -- (uh, wait -- you mean this isn't a fax?) -- check out my church! (I'm the organist.) I'm the web coordinator for the church... And the more hits the better. :) Here, lemme help. Click here to go back to the toolbar at the top.

Enough. I give up. No more. Please.

Yes, it's true... I'm a lover of sound. Good sound, preferably. (An example of bad sound might be, say, your stomach growling in the middle of a silent prayer; or perhaps a creaking noise in the attic when you're home alone!)



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