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Saturday, January 22, 2005
Le Centre

Continuing our theme of websites that are absolutely bizarre and tangentially related to gas stations, I give you Le Centre. Let me try to describe it. A guy takes pictures of gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants and retail stores, and posts them on the web. I have no idea why he does this. This is the closest he comes to an explanation.
Their are many of the same stores across the world. Each with their own unique look. This is a look at the same, but different.

This site was, mostly, designed in 1400x1050.

For more about the fascinating man behind this site, you can visit his main page, which is part of The Bill Burmaster Family of Web Sites.

Other gems from The Bill Burmaster Family of Web Sites include:
- Everything you ever wanted to know about Interstate 64, Indiana
- The Oklahoma State Capital as seen from Interstate 235, Oklahoma City.
- The air board for KFIN-FM.
- Bill Burmaster's Senior Year Picture.
- Stats of Bill Burmaster, featuring: "Spouse: 1 Wife, Melony."

Good thing he specified just one wife, otherwise I might think he was weird.


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