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Monday, January 24, 2005
Golden State Career Videos - Service Station Attendants

Many of you are probably interested in the exciting world of gas station attendance, but just don't know how to get started. Luckily, the California Career Resource Network provides just this occupation in their wonderful series of Career Videos.

The work of a service station attendant varies, depending on the type of services the station provides.

No kidding.

In many places, attendants spend most of their time in a booth, activating fuel pumps for self-service customers, collecting money, and providing change.

Most attendants spend their time in other kinds of booths too, but they aren't collecting money.

Since many stations also sell sodas, bread, magazines and other items, some parts of the job are identical to that of a convenience store clerk.

Listen to how the narrator enunciates "bread." I have just that word on repeat on my iPod.

At more traditional service stations, job responsibilities are more varied.

Not like those new-fangled gas stations that sell bread.

Attendants provide more hands-on, full services, such as pumping gas, checking under the hood, and checking tire pressure. In addition, they may sell oil, wiper blades, and other automotive products to customers.

They may also pressure their hands on customers and spread oil with wiper blades "under the hood."

By providing prompt, cheerful service, they can encourage people to come back again.

Well, either that, or it's because they run out of gas and need to buy more.

They may also help prevent accidents, by noticing whether a customer's tires are low, or if a headlight is out.

Gas station attendant as defender of public safety. They also rescue kittens from trees from time to time.

Work schedules tend to be flexible, making this an ideal part-time or after-school job.

Translation: "This job is ideal for aimless drifters. You can come and go as you please. What are they going to do? Fire you? Big deal. Just get a job at a different gas station."

So if you like cars, enjoy interacting with people, and don't mind working in all kinds of whether, this is a great entry-level job that could someday lead to the owning or managing of a small gas station, or large, busy, full-service station.

Or if you enjoy being paid to "service" lonely women.

Do you have to not mind working in all kinds of "whether" if you work in one of those booths? Because that's the one I want. Sitting in a booth being paid to collect money, sell bread, and "service" the customers.

Sign me up.


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