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Tuesday, January 25, 2005
Greenbelt Auto & Truck Repair, Inc.

Did we mention we have 20 years of service?! Because we do. Just wanted to make sure you knew that.

As near as your neighbor.

I'm pretty sure my neighbor is closer than a gas station in Maryland.

Hello again, well looks like we made it through the winter and summer is well on it's way ! GOOD THING TOO, I had enough of the cold!

It's January. I don't think that qualifies as summer.

Something is seriously wrong with this car. It looks like it's trying to blow up a balloon.

The Mobil station is as near as your neighbor

Again with the lying. My neighbor is mere feet away. Maryland is at least seven miles away. Probably more, I don't know. I'm not very good at geography. I'm no Chris Fortier.

Most gas stations have pictures of their crew. Not this one. It has pictures of the certifications held by the crew. They're not people, they're paper. It's nice that they include a few nice comments about the experience and training of every member of the staff. Well, almost every member. Joe Aulisio, I'm looking at you.

We like to share a bit of the history which we created. Mr. Joe Aulisio & Mr. William Novick, some know him as "Duce" or Bill, were both employees at the MOBIL station back in 1970‘s during our high school years. Not having a clue about business, we worked for Woody and George enjoying our teen years. We often wondered and said, "what would it be like to own this one day??"

"Hey Duce, what say we buy dis place?" I like the switch between third and first person. It's very disorienting.

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