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Saturday, January 29, 2005
Bob's Auto Spa

I was torn between titling this one "Bob's Auto Spa" or "Southern Skye the home of Bob's Auto Spa." I have no idea what Southern Skye is. There should be a website explaining it somewhere.

Here is a nice picture of the desert with the gas station.. I mean the Auto Spa in the background.

All facilities offer clean, large, and well lighted restrooms. Office located N32.15.599 W110.43.551 Alt2,700ft.

I can finally put my handheld GPS unit to good use.

Inside the store is the Arby's restaurant with substantial setting, plus a drive-up window for customers who don't want to get out of there car.

Those darn lazy customers. Why don't they want to get out of there car? They don't want to walk from their to hair?

For the RV and trailer motoring public Cortaro Pueblo Chevron offers a sewer dump plus water and propane.

I thought that was a wine rack, not a sewer dump. Maybe they mean you dump your sewage right on the floor?

Midvale Park Chevron is the first in Arizona to generate it's electrical requirements using a co-generation system. The co-gen system uses Southwest Gas (natual gas) as fuel to produce electric.

I have to get some of that natual gas to produce my own electric.

By the way, I wouldn't really use that as the opening sentence and picture for my gas station website. I'd go with a nice picture of the gas station and a sentence like "Buy gas here."


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