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Monday, February 21, 2005
Ossipee Store

The yellow car crashes into "We Deliver" five times before it gives up. Go ahead. Count.

Our restaurant now has in-house seating and we are now serving breakfast!

In-house seating?! Finally! I was getting sick of sitting outside in Minnesota in January trying to eat my pancakes.

You are now serving breakfast? Now? At 10:27 PM? You guys are crazy.

Look at their beautiful and luxurious restaurant. Reminds me of my basement.

They also sell bait, or whatever this is.

Keep watching we will soon have an updated fishing report. Have a fishing story to tell? Looking for fishing spots. Log on to our forum and check out what other people are saying about the fishing hot spots.

It's called punctuation. It's not really optional.

Come on. You know that when you think of food, you think of Town House crackers.

We are serving homemade pizza, hamburgers, french fries & appetizers.

Right now? Along with the breakfast? Man, I'm getting full.

Our store features a full line of grocery and convenience items including milk, pop, juices, snacks, candy, chips, cheeses, bacon and more.


Stop in for your cold beverages!

Mmm.. ice cold coffee.

We serve coffee, hot chocolate and cappacino. We also have a variety of ice cold beverages: jucies, pop, beer.

I'll take a cappacino and two jucies.

They could only afford one bullet point for this page.


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