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Saturday, March 12, 2005
Bob's Garage

WARNING: If you suffer from seizures, DO NOT visit this site. You have been warned.

Earths #1 Supplier of Antique Gas Pumps and Soda Machines!

I wonder who the #1 Supplier of Antique Gas Pumps and Soda Machines is on Earth. If I'm ever on Earths, I'm definitely checking out Bob's Garage.

Nowhere else in the Galaxy can you find this kind of quality or selection of Oil, Gas and Soda Vintage Antiques and accessories!

Is it #1 on Earths or in the Galaxy? There's a big difference. I'm not even sure if Earths is in a Galaxy.

Let's go to the hop. But watch out for that car.

Every product from Bob's Garage is built by hand using old world craftsmanship and materials made in the USA. Your Bob's Garage vintage antique or collectible is a one-of-kind piece of Americana that will be the center of attention and appreciate in value year after year.

Let me see if I can summarize: "We sell old world USA Americana."

Here's a bunch of stuff that used to be for sale. Useful.

Nothing says "Professional" like this guy.

Someone please donate $599. I need a lubester.

Working crank handle with original type hardwood knob and casters.

I love it when you talk dirty, Bob.

1935 Wayne 60 Electric Calculating Pump restored to Mobilgas Special. The finest example of this classic collector pump you'll ever see inside and out. No expense spared. New hose, base, ad glass, sight glass, crank, porcelain, stainless trim, etc.

I normally wouldn't spend $3750 on a gas pump, but it does have a new hose...

Occasionally, a vintage or made to order piece may have a minor imperfection as these products are made by human hands and not by God.

Wait a minute, I'm confused. Bob is God.

Thanks for the submission, Emma!


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