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Saturday, March 26, 2005
Gulfoil Historical Society

"The Gulfoil Historical Society has been using the acronym "GOHS" since it's inception in 1999. Recently, the "Government Office of Homeland Security" has been using the same acronym. The Gulfoil Historical Society is not associated in any way with the Government Office of Homeland Security, and acts in no way as an agency thereof.

No one, ever, under any circumstances, ever, in a million years, ever, would confuse this site with a government agency. I mean, little Gulf logos follow your mouse pointer around the screen.

Who knew ancient Roman statues were such big fans of Gulf oil?

The GOHS publishes a quarterly newsletter, "The GULFPRIDE". It contains lots of GULF stuff, articles of interest, historical information, reference material, and some fun humorous items as well.

How in the world can you have enough material for a quarterly newsletter? Someone please email me a scan of this thing. I bet it's hilarlious.

At the 5th Annual Meeting, in Oil City, PA., on July 12, 2003 the membership present agreed to a motion which affects Wives, Children, and significant others, of GOHS members. The motion was to offer them full membership in GOHS at half price, $12.50 / yr. Full membership includes voting rights, committee positions, elected positions, and of course the right to work hard on any job that needs done. Each member of your family can join at full status provided you reside at the same address, and will share the same mailings.

Voting rights?

So he suffocated you in a plastic bag?!

Don's lovely wife.

Art Gray sporting a pair of very rare NO-NOX cardboard glasses...

I don't know what the guy on the right is laughing at. He's at the 4th Annual Meeting of the Gulfoil Historical Society.

The guy on the left here thought he was at a meeting of the Gulf Mustache Historical Society.

And finally, the guy in the middle here didn't get the memo not to wear his uniform to the meeting. His bow tie is cute though.

Thanks to JM for the submission!


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