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Why do gas station's need website's? Because their hilarliously awful!*

Monday, March 14, 2005
Gas Signs

Bill Burmaster, let me introduce you to John Cirillo. Like our good friend Bill, John's "hobby" involves pictures of gas station signs.

I began this project in 1996 by scanning some images of my small collection of roadmaps, and photographing some of the gas stations I saw during my travels.

I like how this is a "project." I can't believe he hasn't lost interest in this project for 9 years.

We are presenting them here for history's sake, lest they be forgotten in the world of ever-changing gasoline brands.

Yeah, lest they. That would be a shame.

Poor Avalon was in a concentration camp.

Fuelman kicks your fanny.

Hey, look! It's pictures of a gas station! ...I don't get it. He has no point. It's just pictures of gas stations with a little text saying things like "These three shots are of the first Admiral station to appear in the Lafayette, Indiana area." Does anyone care about this? I mean besides David Backlin?

Say hi to Luigi for me.

There are no more Skat stations remaining today.

Probably because "scat" means "poop."

Bill Burmaster may also have pictures of highway signs, but John Cirillo has pictures of his Dodge Dart and John's Essential Packing List featuring "metal mirror (good for shaving, and for signalling small aircraft when lost)."

Thanks again to Emma for submitting another winner!


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